We are pleased to announce that the 2nd quarter 2022 IBERIAN ELECTRICITY MARKET REPORTS – SOLAR PV and WIND are now available.

Our Quarterly Market Report provide a comprehensive overview of the Iberian electricity markets and a long-term forecast for the wholesale, PV and wind Capture Prices.

Including updates on new announcements from the governments related to the Electricity Business.

These reports have been prepared by a coordinated team of experts based in Madrid, with real on-the-ground knowledge of the Iberian electricity market.

Our reports and price projections have been used by leading utilities, infrastructure funds, lenders and independent promoters in their investment decision processes and in negotiating debt or re-financing.

Our Company

EKON provides a full range of consulting services split into 4 general groups.

These are, Arbitration services, M&A, Strategic advice and PPA Services.

Arbitration services and M&A

EKON has a strong track record of providing Arbitration services and M&A support during complex commercial transactions.

The Key to success

Full-time involvement of our experts from the very start to the end of an assignment and ensuring our clients’ full satisfaction

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”

Aristotle (348-322 BCE)

About Us

EKON Strategy Consulting (EKON), established in Madrid, brings together key experts in the fields of gas and power and provides a broad range of strategic and operational services for our clients (banks, utilities, IPP’s and governmental agencies and authorities) with a strong focus on providing the highest level of quality service. EKON assists clients in complex commercial transactions (M&A), providing litigation support for arbitration in both the gas and electricity sectors, and providing strategic and PPA Services.


In recent years EKON experts have worked on over 45 long term GSA disputes linked, from an initial Strength of Case analysis, assisting in the negotiation period and finally supporting our client and their legal counsel in the drafting of all necessary reports (both expert reports as well as the Statement of Claim / Defence and all rebuttal reports) and providing expert witness testimony.

Arbitration Services

Strategic Advice

M&A services

PPA Services

EKON is based on a fundamental principle,

we enjoy what we do, it is not work, we have a passion for the job.

IBERIAN ELECTRICITY MARKET REPORT – SOLAR PV & WIND are now available. Click here to Download Report Brochure