Work carried out
EKON experts were retained by an American Investment fund to provide independent expert advise and carry out a damage impact assessment on a portfolio of mini hydro assets in Spain. The analysis looked to determine the impact of a number of retroactive regulatory changes implemented by the Spanish Government since the acquisition date, the analysis looked to determine the impact of these changes on the discounted cash flows of the portfolio of each of the regulatory changes in isolation and combined. In order to project the expected revenue (both pool price and regulatory income) EKON experts used our Rinv calculator to determine the regulated income under different projected pool price scenarios. Our expert report concluded that indeed there had been a serious economic impact on our client’s investment. Steven Taylor is acting as expert witness for this case.SPAINInvesment Fund
EKON carried out the damage assessment of the regulatory changes implemented by the Spanish Government that have impacted on the economic viability of a portfolio of Solar PV assets owned by an international investment fund in the South of Spain. The assets were developed in 2008 – 2009 and were RD 661 and RD 1578 assets and had been exposed to the full barrage of regulatory changes from RD 1565 through to RD 413. Our work included quantifying the damage of each of the changes and providing our expert opinion on the ideal route to arbitration, the end result of the work has been an expert report based on our financial model that includes the Rinv analysis. Antonio Carbajal is acting as the expert witness in this case with support from Steven Taylor.SPAINInvesment Fund
Litigation support for a large multinational renewable developer in Spain as a result of the introduction of retroactive changes in the Spanish regulatory framework applicable to the Spanish wind business. The work has included the economic analysis of the damage to the base case of our client’s investment and the drafting of an expert report.SPAINRenewables developer
Our experts were in charge of the valuation of 4 wind farms in order to provide an independent expert opinion in a litigation process as a result of a breach of contract in an SPA.SPAINWind Farm Developer
Our experts helped the client in the renegotiation of the gas contract in order to increase the load factor.SPAINUtility
Our experts helped the investor to prepare a competitive bid for the acquisition of solar PV assets in Spain and Italy.SPAIN / ITALYInternational Invesment Fund
We helped our client understand the financial impact of certain key regulatory changes in the Spanish Energy sector. Our findings were used as part of an expert report in an arbitration proceeding where our experts gave testimony.SPAINCogeneration Operating Company
For a medium sized Solar PV module manufacturer and promoter, our experts assisted in formulating the legal strategy in the run up to the filing of a law suite against the Spanish State relating to the introduction of retroactive changes that have reduced the financial viability of our client’s investment.SPAINRenewables developer
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