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Key points in buying/selling PV assets - 04/2022

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Status of the energy storage in Spain - 02/2021

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Market expectations for 2022 - 12/2021

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Self-consumption financing - 02/2022

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Risk management in the energy market - 02/2022

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InfoEnergetica - 10/2021

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SolarPlaza - 11/2021

“Making the Most of the Wholesale Power Market” session

EnergyBox - 12/2021

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Yem Energy Webinar - 05/2021

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Energy Box Global Solar Summit - 06/2021

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Yem Energy Webinar
- 10/2021

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InfoEnergética Interview - 01/2021

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Infoenergetica Webinar - 02/2021

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Large Scale Solar EU - 04/2021

Proud sponsor of Large Scale Solar EU

Solar Market Parity Spain - 12/2020

EKON was one of the sponsors for this event, access to the recording here 

Large Scale Solar EU - 11/2020

EnergyBox Webinar - 18/11/2020

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Solar Plaza Portugal 2020 - 10/2020

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Infoenergetica Webinar - 01/10/2020

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Infoenergetica Interview - 15/09/2020

Energyear Webinar - 27/05/2020

Anese Course - 05/2020

Luis Villar and Antonio Arco spoke about PPAs in Spain and its characteristics during different sessions in this training course.

PVBox Webinar - 11/05/2020

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ATA Webinar - 06/04/2019

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SolarPlaza Webinar - 30/01/2020

Infoenergetica Interview - 11/11/2019

IBER-REN - 09/09/2019

EKON Strategy Consulting presented in IBER-REN congress, one of the main events in the energy sector in Madrid, as sponsor and with the presence of Kim Keats as speaker in one of the tables, some of the topics discussed were:

-New Projects financing
-PPA as a key tool for the renewable development
-Politicas and regulatory challenges
-Renewable auctions in Spain and Portugal

SolarPlaza Webinar - 22/01/2019

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Foro Solar UNEF - 22/10/2019

During the VI Foro Solar, organized by UNEF, Kim Keats, EKON Strategy Consulting Director, participated and discussed over the possibility to reach PNIEC capacity targets. Furthermore, EKON sponsorized the event which gathered the most relevant proffesionals in the sector.

Solar+Wind 2019 - 06/2019

EKON was a proud sponsor for this event, where our director Kim Keats discussed about the financing of renewable assets in Spain and the challenges of the market.

Solar Market Parity Spain - 14/03/2019

EKON Strategy Consulting sponsored this event, one of the most solar PV events in Spain.

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