Our Team

Steven Taylor

Steven is a Director at EKON, having spent the last 20 years working in the energy industry, both as a consultant and in the power industry working in a utility developing assets (RES and CCGT’s).

Agustín Llana

Associate Director
Agustin, an Associate Director of EKON, has 40 years of international experience in the Energy Industry. His experience encompases Coal Mining and Marketing, Downstream Oil, Gas Upstream and Wholesaling, with a particular focus on LNG Supply and Trading, and Power Trading and Wholesaling.

Kim Keats

Kim Keats Martínez is a director of EKON overseeing market modelling initiatives. Kim started his career in economic consulting at London Economics in 1995 and joined the new London office of ICF International in 2000.

Thorsten Chowanietz

Senior Associate
Thorsten has more than 20 years of experience in banking and renewable energy sectors.

Luis Villar

Senior Associate
Luis is a specialist in the areas of energy management, energy regulation, tariff optimisation, energy efficiency and renewable energy, supporting clients improve their energy procurement and energy use.

Antonio Arco

Senior Consultant

Antonio is a Senior Consultant at EKON, having spent the last several years working in the renewables, electricity and natural gas sectors. He has principally worked in the Iberian region as well as the Middle East.


Sergio Ipiña

Finance Director and Senior Consultant
Sergio Ipiña Gosalbo has around 30 years’ professional experience, having combined actuarial and economic valuation activities in Spain and abroad.

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