We have worked with our clients defining the best strategy when entering the market and we have helped them to assess the best timing when leaving a market or business segment.

EKON carries out market assessment and screening as well as economic due diligence involving market price forecasts, review of fuel supply, O&M and other contracts, operating margins and financial loans contracts review.

EKON’s Risk Analysis expertise encompasses both financial and regulatory risk analysis. The financial risk in many cases is to be analysed and evaluated in conjunction with the regulatory risk.

Within our Strategic Services EKON has split the services we offer into the following four broad groups:

Viability Analysis

Evaluation of the feasibility of the options

Evaluate and select most suitable opportunities

Description of scope and target

Evaluation of markets and opportunity assessment

Tailor made construction of business case scenarios

Input characterization to build  the revenue and operations models and cost structure

Estimate investments


Entry / Exit Strategy

Identification of the most suitable strategy to hit the target

Definition of goals and targets

Appraisal of potential outcomes

Assessment of internal and external factors associated to the strategy

Risk Analysis

Description and assessment of the main risks related

Definition of risk appetite

Identification and classification of risk

Qualitative and quantitative assessment

Mitigation actions design

Due diligence

Analysis of financial information

Forecast of financial projections

Assessment of Capital Structure

Analysis of other related information

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