The coronavirus has not only put our country’s health system to the test, but also renewable energies … and there is great uncertainty about what it may mean. «If things do not change, it will be necessary to review the medium and long-term renewable development plans, such as PNIEC (National Energy and Climat Plan)”, whose updated draft was sent by the Government to Brussels on March 31, according to Kim Keats director from Ekon Strategy Consulting.

Amongst his arguments, the drop in electricity demand that we are experiencing will mean that less renewable capacity is needed to reach the same level of penetration. Specifically, electricity demand has dropped in the first two weeks of the state of alarm. In the first week (between days 16 and 22 of March), it fell by 7.4%; and in the second week (between days 23 and 29 of March) it fell by 9.5%. But this is to be expected given the halting of non-essential services that was decreed on March 29. Electricity demand is expected to drop further in April.

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